Surveillint for Airport Security

For airport security, the past decade has seen a tremendous increase in the number of technology systems used to protect passengers and employees as well as meet regulatory requirements. New image screening devices, baggage checking systems, portable explosive detection machines and threat imaging software are just a few of the new safety technologies that have entered the daily lives of airport security personnel. While all security systems are important by themselves, it’s vital that these systems connect and correlate related information for improved incident response.

Why Surveillint?

As the premier solution to manage situations and resolve incidents, Surveillint offers advanced features that help security operators assess and resolve incidents quickly. The Proximex Airport Security solution features EZ Track™, a patented video investigation solution that tracks suspects across multiple cameras.

  • Mitigate risk across the organization. Surveillint integrates new and existing security systems into a common platform. It connects disparate information to mitigate risk across the airport environment by providing actionable intelligence and speeding security incident resolution.
  • Enforce Standard Operating procedures (SOPs). Surveillint provides greater visibility of all security activity in a real-time single view while its Business Logic Manager helps airports implement and enforce rules and regulations. Surveillint monitors the health of security devices to report problems before an incident occurs. It also generates the necessary reports for compliance requirements.
  • Track subjects quickly across camera views with EZ Track. To avoid security breaches that result in terminal evacuations and significant lost revenue, Surveillint with EZ Track lets operators trail subjects across camera views while communicating with available resources to intervene as necessary.

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