Business Logic Manager

Developed with the business user or policy manager in mind, Business Logic Manager uses a drag and drop, Visio-like interface and library of reusable activities to automate actions and enforce policies and procedures.

Workflow Automation

Flexible decisions and activities can be defined to automate tedious tasks and capture expert knowledge.

  • Control security systems and sensors to automate actions
  • Automatically collect and correlate information from multiple systems and sources
  • Create logic based on key decision criteria e.g., time of day, alarm type, scheduled, status change, severity level, etc.
  • Run logic on-demand or automatically
  • Facilitate capturing and enforcing of best practices
  • Eliminate the need for development resources -- design and test is all that is needed to deploy
  • Symbolize a single multilayer policy in a handful of steps instead of with thousands of rules

Policy and Procedure Enforcement

Business Logic Manager employs security policies and procedures without the user needing to know what they are.

  • Display incident and related information based on the policies and procedures (e.g., alarm details, live and recorded video, response workflow, contextual information, operator notes, etc.)

Activity Library

Business logic enables best security practices to be shared and implemented, and updating business logic is simple and can be performed by the business or security administrator.

Drag and drop from a library of activities for different sensors and system types

  • Automate actions for information collection, reporting, communications, and execution of tasks on other systems
  • Supports collaboration and knowledge management activities
  • Includes generic activities that can be easily customized
  • Share proven, tested and already deployed designs with colleagues   

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