Centralized Console

Surveillint offers a complete picture of all security activity in a single view in real time – no longer is it necessary to try to watch all the consoles in the security center at the same time.

Event Management

With Surveillint, operators can visualize sensor and alarm locations, simultaneously view live and recorded video, view asset/external event location displays, and execute sensor commands directly from hierarchical maps.

  • Observe alarm locations and alerts on a geospatial map
  • Manage and prioritize alerts based on templates and policies
  • Watch live and recorded video simultaneously
  • Snap video images and export video
  • Support multiple instances of video console on a single workstation 
  • Advanced PTZ camera controls including USB joystick support
  • Deploy alerts to officers in the field
  • Monitor the working status of security systems

GIS Visualization

GIS integration with Surveillint allows security personnel to exploit GPS map details to better visualize their security zones.

  • Drill down through maps
  • Display security resources
  • Track location of field officers or other location-based services via GPS
  • Track moving objects on the map

Flexible Reporting

Surveillint provides automated yet configurable reporting -- no need to spend laborious hours generating reports, copying and pasting from numerous security system consoles, or verifying accuracy.

  • Create custom reporting templates
  • Develop incident reports 
  • Build suspect tracking reports 
  • Generate trend reports
  • Create security audit reports
  • Export to multiple audit reports
  • Send reports via email

EZ Track™

Surveillint makes tracking suspects across multiple camera views as easy as the click of an arrow -- trail suspects without the need to memorize the many camera IDs and locations or manually search recorded video clips.

  • Follow a subject across multiple camera views with ease
  • Track suspects backwards in time or catch up with them in real time
  • Monitor multiple camera views in tandem
  • Seamlessly move from recorded video to live video
  • Snap video images and export video


PocketSurveillint expands the reach of Surveillint to officers in the field -- no need to translate incident information verbally and risk miscommunication. 

  • Notify first responders with speed and accuracy
  • Deliver automated incident information
  • Receive view of incident details and subject dossiers
  • Create alerts, add notes to existing alerts and modify alert status
  • Enjoy two-way communication between the security office and field officers
  • Supports Microsoft Mobile for Smartphone and Pocket PC

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