Port of Long Beach

Port of Long Beach

The Port of Long Beach is the second busiest port in the U.S. At 3,200 acres, the Port produces 30,000 jobs and manages more than $140B in cargo annually. In 2005, the Port of Long Beach ("the Port") set out to design, build and implement its security management model to help the Port mitigate risk and enforce compliance by creating overall domain awareness. 

Phase I objectives included the construction of a $21M state-of-the-art command-and-control center. Proximex Surveillint was used to integrate each of the Port's legacy and new security systems into one centralized environment. Surveillint was chosen for its robust integrations, flexibility, COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) support, easy-to-use interface ad easy reporting capabilities. Phase II focused on designing, building and implementing the most comprehensive, innovative and integrated security environment to secure the Port and its surroundings -- above, at and below sea level. Phase II objectives centered on Surveillint as the core platform that allowed the Port to continue integrating numerous innovative security subsystems into its command and control center for mitigating risk and enforcing compliance as well as begin generating a return on investment (ROI).

Still to come, the integration of Surveillint with a new mass notification system will complete all of the objectives outlined for Phase II. At the end of Phase II, the Port of Long Beach believes it will be the first port to be completely protected underwater, on the water, on land and up to 1,800 feet in the air.


Amtrak is the sole nationwide passenger rail carrier in the U.S. carrying millions of passengers per year. With facilities around the nation, Amtrak wants to proactively prevent intrusions and secure their facilities with best-in-breed, integrated security technologies while also following an IP-centric model allowing centralized access to the video, alarm and security related information.

Surveillint provides Amtrak an integrated command and control solution to provide improved visibility, situational awareness and incident response. Amtrak is able to integrate new technologies such as video analytics, IP based intercom systems, IP based video systems, and access control systems to proactively detect suspicious activities and react quickly through Surveillint’s automated business logic and predefined response workflow.

San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport/San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, the nation’s busiest domestic runway, required a powerful, sophisticated solution that would integrate with existing security systems but also adapt to new security technologies.

Surveillint has been fully integrated with the airport’s myriad security sensors and alarms. And, as the airport initiates their security upgrade to include many new technologies Surveillint will continue to provide that centralized platform to manage their security environment. Surveillint gives San Diego International Airport drastically reduced operator response time and training requirements, offers a single-click total situational awareness of incidents and a solid foundation for growth of sensor data in airport.

Stephen S. Wise Temple

Stephen S. Wise Temple

Stephen S. Wise Temple supports more than 1,700 nursery school through 12th grade students and 650 faculty and administrative staff. The temple has always taken security seriously and increased its security policies and procedures after 9/11.

Surveillint was chosen by Stephen S. Wise Temple to help protect its campuses, students, faculty and congregants. The project includes integrating nearly 100 cameras located throughout four schools on three campuses and using Proximex Surveillint to centrally manage multiple video, access control, video analytics and intrusion detection systems.

Fortune 50 Healthcare Insurance Provider

With hundreds of sites across North America, this large healthcare insurance provider wanted to integrate many disparate access control and video management systems into one new command and control center. In today's economy, when companies have fewer staff and slimmer budgets, the "rip and replace" strategy of removing and reinstalling entire security systems wasn't a viable solution.

Surveillint was selected by this healthcare insurance provider to centrally manage and monitor the company's nationwide environment in order to effectively monitor alarms, reduce costs associated with monitoring, and improve response times. Surveillint's ability to leverage existing and disparate systems and integrate physical security systems with complex enterprise applications provided a very attractive ROI option for this customer.

World's Most Famous Public Assembly Facility

This popular public assembly facility holds occasions of all kinds, including concerts, plays and sporting events. The security team must constantly be aware of visitor activity to ensure the safety of visitors and employees. Putting enthusiastic individuals in a crowd environment and adding special factors like alcohol can lead to negative incidents.

Concerned for public safety, this facility's security team implemented Surveillint and its EZ Track video investigation solution to help investigate actions and events that occur on the premises. 

Large Multinational High Technology Company

This large global 100 high tech company has facilities across the world and develops hardware, software, and service offerings. The security environment is constantly changing as this company acquires new technologies and companies that they need to integrate with their existing security infrastructure and policies. At the same time this company is constantly seeking cost-effective programs to secure their assets and people and manage business risk – to this end they have taken on new initiatives to consolidate resources, converge technology silos and leverage security technologies to become a “greener” company.

Surveillint enables this customer to consolidate multiple security technologies through a scalable and flexible platform, enabling them to integrate existing and future security technologies to improve security and operational efficiency while adhering to corporate security policies. Surveillint has additionally provided this customer the ability to integrate systems and technologies related to security, such as building management and facilities planning to provide improved business ROI on their existing investments in security systems.

Large Telecommunications Company

This customer operates offices and cable/wire depots throughout the United States and internationally. The security environment generated an unmanageable amount of daily alarms resulting in a need to find a more effective way to filter, respond to and resolve security incidents. The company tried a variety of approaches to solve this problem, but had not been successful in implementing a security system that would help security operators resolve response time and efficiency issues.

Surveillint serves as the operations “nerve center” into which CCTV/DVR/NVR, intelligent video and other systems are integrated to enable the security operations team to leverage technology to make them more effective at identifying and responding to and resolving security incidents. Surveillint provides the solution allowing operators to view all key alerts and be shielded from “noise” alerts. When alerts occur, operators can now reduce the amount of time required to identify, investigate, escalate and resolve key security incidents. This company also utilizes the extensive incident reporting capability in Surveillint to reduce the time operators spend on investigation and manual processing of badge privilege issues.

Private DoD/Military Engineering Firm

This classified environment has over 300 sites worldwide sites that require alarm and video management of thousands of sensors and cameras.

Surveillint brought together an internally-built alarm management system with a video management solution and provided a single platform for consolidation, investigation, escalation and closure of key security alerts. In addition, Surveillint offers the customer the ability to remotely manage operations from a centralized location while also enabling local teams to operate their own facilities. Until Surveillint, no other solution could meet their requirements for data consolidation, ease of use and consistency with the customer’s unique security requirements.

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