Proximex Overview

Proximex develops innovative solutions that leverage existing and new systems and technologies that are integrated into a centralized command and control center. Proximex solutions ensure that incident information is no longer trapped within disparate systems, but brought together in context with security policies and operations for analysis and resolution.

CSOs and security teams select Proximex solutions for their ability to help mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and offer a quick return on investment and low total cost of ownership. IT organizations approve of their scalable architecture, high availability and failover capabilities, ease of configuration and ongoing maintenance.

Why Proximex?

Proximex understands the relationship between infrastructure and enterprise applications. Proximex provides CSOs and security teams the solutions they need to support the bigger security picture, that is, the transformation of both physical and logical security into a unified holistic model.

The R&D team has in-depth knowledge of both security and IT technologies with an average of more than 15 years experience delivering award-winning, enterprise, distributed IT security and system management solutions at previous companies, providing leadership in how to take massive amounts of data from distributed, heterogeneous systems and transform this data into usable, actionable information.

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Jim Barth and Ken Prayoon Cheng, two Silicon Valley veterans who saw that their success and knowledge of the IT world was directly applicable to the physical security industry, founded Proximex in 2004. Since then, Proximex has built an exceptional team, combining world-class management, engineering and research professionals to develop award-winning applications for the security industry. The company’s Surveillint technology was launched at ISC West 2006 exhibition in Las Vegas and at the AAAE 2006 Airport conference in San Diego to high acclaim. Today, the company continues to raise the bar in security technologies and holds many patents designed to excel at managing information in the most complex security environments. 

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