Proximex Software Development Kit (SDK)

Proximex offers an open SDK that can be leveraged to integrate additional systems into Surveillint. This also provides a standard way to send information to different systems such as communications systems, Computer Aided Dispatch, notification systems, etc.

The Proximex SDK offers more extensibility with open, standards-based protocols for the creation of sophisticated security applications that integrate with a wide variety of systems and devices. The open architecture of the Proximex SDK makes it easy to integrate with a customer's environment, whether simple or complex. This openness allows partners to better serve their customers' individual needs by being able to integrate with the security system or device of choice. It doesn't matter if the individual solutions are new or already installed at the customer's location, the Proximex SDK is flexible enough to work with virtually any security solution.

  • Create simple event applications to enable alarms and sensors to be displayed in the Surveillint system
  • Develop Integration Modules with Surveillint, permitting bi-directional capabilities to receive information as well as update, synchronize and send commands to the vendor system

Partners can take advantage of the tools included in the SDK and Proximex is committed to helping partners test their solutions in order to be assured that all systems are integrated properly. To request information on the Proximex SDK, click here.

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