Proximex is the only PSIM solution provider that can offer

Heritage in Information Technology

  • Our Management Team has a combined 180 years of experience bringing enterprise-class business applications to the market.
  • Our Engineering Team comes from the world of Information Technology (IT) with an average of more than 15 years of experience delivering award-winning, enterprise, distributed IT security and system management solutions at companies including NetIQ. NetIQ is the company behind Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), used in large multinational, mission-critical organizations to monitor the health, availability and performance across multiple systems, applications and network silos.
  • We understand the relationship between infrastructure and enterprise applications, and how to take massive amounts of data from distributed, heterogeneous systems and transform this data in to usable, actionable information.

Scalability in Architecture

  • From the beginning, Surveillint was designed for flexibility, scalability and high availability.
  • Surveillint was designed using Microsoft .NET and a service-oriented architecture (SOA), the platform can scale to support thousands of sensors and can flexibly support any type of security system. Why SOA? The reality in enterprises is that infrastructure is heterogeneous. And, every enterprise has existing systems to run their business, so "rip and replace" is not practical, nor responsible. Enterprises must respond to business changes with agility by leveraging existing investments. SOA by nature allows enterprises to bridge the old with the new.

High Availability and Failover Capabilities

  • Proximex conducted scalability and availability testing at the Microsoft Technology Center in Mountain View, California. The results were impressive: each Surveillint server can support hundreds of simultaneous client consoles, tens of thousands of sensors, and over a thousand alerts per second -- more than adequate for even the most demanding environments!
  • More servers can be added for additional capacity to support the largest environments. What's more, failover occurred within seconds using failover technologies provided by Microsoft and NEC. Failover and high availability can also be achieved using NEC fault tolerant solutions, Microsoft SQL Server replication, Microsoft Network Load Balancing and Microsoft Cluster technologies.
  • Proximex is the only PSIM solution provider to attain Gold Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program.

Completeness of Integrations

  • Proximex Integration Modules interact with and provide command level instructions to security systems. In addition, Proximex Integration Modules offer the most comprehensive bi-directional communication available -- not only does Surveillint receive real-time data from security systems such as alarms and video, but also automatically synchronizes alarm updates and issues operational commands to security sub-systems.
  • Surveillint is able to auto-discover sensors, run traces on cardholders and automatically add new sensors as they are added to the security infrastructure to maximize information coming from security systems.
  • Proximex offers an open SDK that can be leveraged to integrate additional systems into Surveillint. This also provides a standard way to send information to different systems such as communications systems, Computer Aided Dispatch, notification systems, etc. With dozens of vendors already using this SDK, the Proximex SDK is the most widely used SDK to create truly integrated solutions for customers.

Ease of Configuration and Ongoing Maintenance

  • Proximex offers a lower cost of ownership by automating common activities such as sensor management. For example, when new sensors are added to the security system, the new sensors will be automatically added to Surveillint  -- no need for manual updates.
  • Proximex was the first to offer Business Logic Manager. As new sensors are added to the security infrastructure, Business Logic Manager allows security policies and procedures to be automatically applied to new sensors as they are added. Business Logic is also easily updated and immediately enabled as security policies change.
  • Surveillint can auto-discover sensors for easy addition to maps and Business Logic  -- no manual coding is required to discover and add sensors, reducing the time it takes to monitor systems and minimizing errors related with manual entry.

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