Surveillint for Corporate Security

Stricter compliance regulations and internal mandates are pressuring today’s Chief Security Officers (CSOs) to implement effective and efficient solutions that mitigate risk and protect global assets. Security personnel are overwhelmed with information from many disparate systems resulting in slower response to incidents, inefficient use of resources and increased security risk. Problems intensify as organizations implement and integrate other technologies such as IT, communication and building management systems. Because budgets continue to be difficult to obtain, calculating a realistic return on investment (ROI) is often required for support and approval of PSIM projects.

Why Surveillint?

As the premier solution to manage situations and resolve incidents, Surveillint offers advanced features that help security operators assess and resolve incidents quickly.

  • Mitigate risk across the organization. Surveillint integrates new and existing security systems into a common platform. It connects disparate information to mitigate risk across the enterprise environment by providing actionable intelligence and speeding security incident resolution.
  • Enforce compliance regulations and corporate policies. Surveillint provides greater visibility of all security activity in a real-time single view while its Business Logic Manager helps organizations implement and enforce policies. Surveillint monitors the health of security devices to report problems before an incident occurs. It also generates the necessary reports for compliance requirements.
  • Generate a Quick Return on Investment (ROI). Calculating ROI is often a daunting task but is required to justify expenditures.The Proximex™ ROI model helps organizations calculate a realistic Surveillint implementation ROI based on a broad set of quantitative and qualitative benefits. Benefits include: eliminate “rip and replace” and custom integration; reduce cost of false alarms and financial lost from incidents; and decrease training costs. 

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